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TV Commercial Spot Sampler

See just how much excitement we can
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demoDemo - Our Wildly Popular Rapid-Ad™

Great for complex, unique products and services.

Value Priced, All-Original, and jam-packed with IMAGINATION! No wonder it's our MOST POPULAR OPTION! Our commercials, including those you see here, have won hundreds of national and international awards.

Examples of our Rapid Ad™ TV Commercial Productions

Just say NO to TEMPLATES - No "canned" ads here. It's our Freshness Guarantee. Don't settle for some canned template ad where they just plug in your company name.

What kind of MESSAGE is right for you?: Branding - Sales - Event - Direct Response

Roslex Yaris

View Commercial - "Gold & Silver Investing," a sophisticated Direct Response financial spot, designed to meet exacting content compliance and quality standards. 60 seconds.

View Commercial - "Yaris by Toyota: 40 mpg - Shut Up and Drive". 30 seconds. Won a pile of awards!

sample Wasabi Tuna

View Commercial - "Cheater Meter" a driving, persuasive spot for this nationally branded mobile service. 30 seconds.

View Commercial - Film & DVD Promo "Wasabi Tuna," starring Anna Nicole Smith and Tim Meadows. 30 seconds.

WTRS Paul Newman

View Commercial - Hilarious Los Angeles stage play, "What The Rabbi Saw!" 30 seconds. Winner of numerous awards, including the Communicator Award of Distinction

View Commercial - "Boggy Creek Gang Camp" PSA featuring co-founders Paul Newman and Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf. 30 seconds.

EPS Podcast Hotel

View Commercial - "Boring Podcasts Suck" - Humorous take on podcasting for Emergency Podcast System.com. 30 seconds.

View Commercial - "Free Hotel Vacation Promo," a travel deal promotion, evokes family vacation fun. 30 seconds.

These Rapid-Ad™ TV commercials shown above, and many more, were made for our low, flat production rate. Honest. Whether we work from existing footage or all new material, the award-winning Cheap TV Spots® team will craft a message you can be proud of.

Quality Assured

You can find a television commercial style to fit your needs, priced affordably from the rollback-priced Start-Up to the full-featured Rapid-Ad and the hands-on Classic.

Old-School! Some of our old favorites described below.

Here's a walk down memory lane so you can see where we've come from with our award-winning TV commercials.

Chow Now video

"What's for Dinner" - Chow-Now! TV Spot, 30 seconds

Videographer Award winner

Great food, delivered fast! This fun, fast-paced TV spot for a unique, home style meal delivery restaurant uses a crafty combo of old-time footage and live-from-the-kitchens imagery for a high-dollar look.

WheeLz - Coming Soon!

"WheeLz!" - WheeLz TV Show Promo, 30 seconds

Worldfest Houston Silver Award

The fun weekly automotive TV show! Each week beautiful girls give cool car care tips, along with the hottest auto classifieds. The most fun way to shop for automobiles in your area. This visually packed promo announces the upcoming show with a montage of automotive imagery and hip, metallic music.

Johnny's Italian Restaurant

"Friends & Family" - Johnny's Italian Restaurant TV Spot, 30 seconds (1.1 MB)

Aegis Award winner

Famous "Johnny Bread," authentic Italian meals, and fun family atmosphere -- this TV spot shows just how much friends and family will enjoy eating at Johnny's. Dynamic, colorful "food shots" and happy customers.

Vitality Max

"Maximize Your Sex Life" - Vitality Max - Direct Response, 30 seconds

Aegis Award winner

"Better than ever sex, and better overall health!" -- Powerful combo of hip swing music, special effects, and creative product shots. This is a great example of a direct response commercial at our Classic Plus level. Look for the unusual "reveal" of the bonus product.

RE/MAX Advantage

"We Know West Pasco" - RE/MAX Advantage Realty- 30 seconds

Strong branding message: Historical local photographs blend with modern video images of local homes. Multiple locations, franchise-provided footage, plus authentic local historic photos take this branding spot to the "Rapid-Ad" level.

RE/MAX showcase

"RE/MAX Showcase" - RE/MAX Advantage Realty - 30 seconds

This is a "Bookend" ad. This unique format allows the realtor to change the commercial as often as desired to reflect the latest real estate listings for sale. A constantly refreshed commercial makes this a great real estate sales tool.

Our high quality, value-priced TV spots are a great fit for all kinds of businesses:

Upbeat Fun Retro
Fun, fast-paced style that works for a variety of businesses. The combo of old-time footage and live shots gives this a high-dollar look.

ChowNow ChowNow ChowNow

Shown above: Videographer Award winner CHOW-NOW! - "What's for Dinner?"

Hi-Energy Blast
Hard-hitting, hyper-fast heavy-metal style is great for car dealerships, boat shops, and outdoor events.

AutoMaxDepot AutoMaxDepot AutoMaxDepot

Luxurious Video Medley
Textured and layered, this style combines still images, live video, special effects, text, narration, and mellow jazz for a flowing, yet information-packed presentation.

VerticalBlinds VerticalBlinds VerticalBlinds


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