How We Work

What we do, how we do it, and why.

Our Surprisingly Successful System

Our goal is to help you get more business - without breaking the bank. That's not always easy, unless you really know how to get the most out of your TV advertising dollar. With our surprisingly successful system, your video production will look great, and we can help you understand how television airing works.

Let's get started. It’s EASY!

Here's all you have to do:

  1. If you want to get a feel for the variety of work we do, check out Our Work. Ready? Contact Us.  Let's get the conversation started and discuss your TV advertising needs in detail.
  2. Send your payment to Academy Leader, Inc.  (We accept business checks, money orders, official checks or cashier's checks).
  3. We meet with you over the phone - typically you'll want to set aside 1/2 hour for the call.
  4. Send us your product photos, sales materials, samples, web link, print advertising, etc., whatever you can spare. Don’t forget your Company Logo!
  5. We take charge of the creative process. We produce your unique, 30-second (or 60-second) treat of sights and sounds, telling your customers what you’ve got, how to find you, and why you’re the best. Once production begins, we can create the finished commercial in no time - in as little as 1-2 weeks.
  6. We send you a VIDEO PROOF -- a preview of the completed commercial as a compact video clip, so you can see how it will look and verify that your contact information is correct. Did we make a typo? We’ll fix any text errors we make free of charge. More extensive or intricate changes (or you just change your mind) can be handled for our A La Carte per-change fee.
  7. Now that you have your TV commercial, we help you learn how to start your on-air campaign.

Why we take charge of the creative process:

  • tv crewOUR GOAL is to HELP YOU get more business.  We take charge of developing and presenting the most effective message for YOU. Some TV commercial producers and video producers agree with anything their customers ask, simply to make a sale of their service. That could be a disaster, if they lack the right experience and talent to create the message you want.

  • First, we listen to your thoughts about your business and campaign. We'll tell you honestly if we believe a concept won't work for you. We can even provide a detailed analysis of your existing video production, describing for you exactly what is working for you, and what isn't.  

  • We're not here merely to dazzle you. That's why the concept is included in the package. We don't submit dozens of off-the-wall ideas to potential clients. This saves you big bucks and lots of time.  It's another way that we keep costs low and quality high - and of course, we pass every price break directly to you.  

  • Time is Money. Once we get started, we don't waste hours of your time with meetings and racking up hourly fees. You're already in the loop at all of the key decision points.

What makes our video work so affordable:

  • Award-worthy quality, every time. We don't just build a few ads for show. We make every TV commercial with the care and strategy that has made us award-winners year after year.
  • We give YOU room to grow! We provide our low cost production options because we know that small businesses who advertise on TV become big businesses, and we want to grow with you.
  • Customer Information Force. We're not on sales quotas or looking to boost commissions. We don't use a boiler room of "salespeople" -- our no-pressure, Customer Information Force is notorious for talking you into the least expensive option for your advertising campaign!
  • GUMBALL BILLING. Put in a quarter, get a gumball. We're a "pay-in-advance" service: simple, just like a gumball machine.  This eliminates billing hassles, and helps you keep your costs down. Simpler billing is cheaper billing... and WE PASS THE SAVINGS ON TO YOU.
  • Honest and simple. Your single payment covers the project. Other companies may break up your billing into multiple payments, but they're covering the entire production cost with your down payment. So, when you pay your 2nd (or 3rd!?) payment, it's all gravy for them. That's how they work. You just think you're getting a fair deal.
  • We take charge of the creative process. Before we begin production, we LISTEN TO YOU, to get the complete picture of what you need. From there, we take the bull by the horns. No foolin' around. It's actually our official policy.
  • NO Hand-Holding. And NO Hand-Holding Fees!  If you're looking for one of those touchy-feely advertising agencies that wine you and dine you, then propose a bunch of oddball ideas, bring you into the studio, then the editing suite, and spend countless hours discussing every detail with you, then Cheap TV Spots® commercials aren't for you. The hand-holding agencies charge a bundle for that kind of treatment, and you get an ad that looks like there were too many cooks in the kitchen.
  • Yes, You Do Get Your 2 Cents In. Before production, we discuss your advertising needs with you in detail. If there is anything else we need to ask, or you wish to tell us, we correspond via email. You'll get to review your new TV spot via the Video Proof before it goes on the air.  And of course, we'll fix any typos or bloopers you find, free of charge (more extensive changes, such as images, audio, or effects, may incur a fee for the work).

What About Quality?

Our productions look, sound, and "feel" like a much more expensive TV commercial.  Just check out these comments from some of our satisfied customers and take a look at our work.

You can be confident that the quality TV spot we make for you will well exceed your expectations.

Super-Secret, Streamlined System.  You're looking for a TV commercial that your business can easily afford. We took this as our challenge to pack the maximum value into a 30-second TV spot... and WE DID IT! This is not some stripped down ad, either. You get writing, directing, great music, narration -- even (really nice looking) special effects!  Check out our Production Options and see what we can do for you!

Air Time: The Better Way

Your goal is to get ON THE AIR. We have you covered there, too.

Here's how it works. It's the best of Do-It-Yourself, with a TV-expert assist!

We know you like to be in the driver's seat when it comes to your campaign. We want to help you be the best driver on the road!

  1. Simply engage our services.
  2. We go over your advertising goals with you.
  3. We make sure your ad up to technical spec for clearance.
  4. We do research on your behalf and report back.
  5. You get everything you need to get your ad ON THE AIR.

There are literally millions of places and times to air your ad.  WE MAKE IT EASY. You don't have to know the ins and outs of the entire advertising industry -- you can trust us to be your guide. 

We're not "order takers."  We don't simply take an order for air time and fill it.  We get to know your product and your goals, research the marketplace, and seek out the best way to put your message right where your potential customer is most likely to be watching. Then we give you the tools so you can get on the air.

Some things we don't do: 

  • We won't offer you a network that rejects your product or service.  For example, if the network does not accept advertising from certain types of businesses, or if a network suddenly changes its standards, we won't recommend that network. (For example, The Golf Channel, at a point, ran golfing ads only.)

  • We do not guarantee placement on a particular network.  We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you, but ultimately, it's the network's choice to accept your ad, and your own responsibility to decide if it's right for you. 

  • We do not guarantee dollar results.  We believe fully in the power of television advertising to bring quality product messages to the customer's TV screen. While not a "magic bullet" TV is a powerful tool. No one can force the consumer buy and there's no secret formula for results.  Think of TV as part of your long term marketing strategy, not a quick fix.

A note about "Clearance."  As much as we love the networks, the networks are fickle and unpredictable. Call it unrequited love (sigh).  All this talk about the "liberal media" seems to melt away the moment someone at the networks becomes phobic about some little thing they see, or think they see, in an ad (a client's slogan, ad content or imagined content, message, disclaimer wording, etc).  It varies from network to network, time of day, cycles of the moon, blood-coffee level, boyfriend/girlfriend problems, and whether Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow.  A network may give preliminary clearance to an ad, only to change their minds right before airing.  If we get wind that a network executive's head has spun off, we're happy to help you take your business to another network.