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Cheap TV Spots™ can help businesses like yours make a broadcast-ready TV commercial or internet-ready product video.

Now, advertising on TV is within your reach. YES, YOU CAN advertise with video, just like the big guys (without spending like one). It's all in our Super-Secret Streamlined Method for creating award-worthy, attention grabbing digital video productions for businesses just like yours.

Get a full HD broadcast-standard television commercial production that's affordable, too. Check out a few examples of the many TV commercials created by our talented team. We work with your existing footage, new footage, and our Lifestyle Media Libraries. Professional writers, narrators, and editors craft your TV production.

How we work

We Make Video Simple

1. Discover

* Getting Acquainted
We consult with you - and you get to know us. We'll ask key questions to learn about your brand, your audience, your call to action, and your marketing goals. You'll help us understand your needs.

* Exploration
You'll send us your sales materials, website, company logo, product photos/video, product samples, etc. Our team carefully reviews your provided materials.

2. Magic Happens

* Script Writing
Our team writes a full A/V (audio and video) script. You'll have the opportunity to review the script concept before we begin recording and editing.

* Video Production
Here's where the magic happens. We record professional voice narration, shoot/assemble the video elements and music/SFX. Then, our editing pros blend these assets into a dynamic, compelling video built to the highest broadcast standards.

3. Okay - Launch!

* Review & Okay
You preview your VIDEO PROOF, a quick-loading video clip. We'll fix typos and misspellings for free. Need a bigger change, or just change your mind? We can handle almost any change (extensive changes, such as replacing images, reshooting, audio re-recording/editing, or special effects may incur a fee). When you're happy, give the Okay.

* Delivery & Deployment
We perform a final quality check, then render the finished video production per your desired platform: TV broadcast, or online. As a full-service agency, we can help you put your new TV ad we've made on cable TV, too.

Ask us about TV! - Media Simplified™ Consultations

Our informative, no-obligation individual consultation services. Find out how TV really works, and what you need to know to get on TV, how to budget, and what to expect.

What we do

Exclusive TV Advertising & Online Video Services

Full-Service Video

Expert work - script, product photography, digital editing, broadcast-ready & online-ready media. [WATCH DEMO »]

Internationally Recognized

With 207 international awards for broadcast TV ad production and screenwriting, we craft your video to be award-worthy. [OUR AWARDS »]

Rave Reviews

Our clients are always blown away; we think you will be, too. Check out a few testimonials from our real customers.

"The commercial looks and sounds great! ... It has been a joy and your work is impeccable." [REVIEWS »]

A Bit of Hollywood

Our award-winning screenwriting team has 20+ years experience in writing "Hollywood style" scripts and pitches: story narratives, advertising, marketing promotions, and more. [ABOUT »]

Sep. 15, 2017 -

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April 12, 2016 -

Nielsen, the well-respected audience measurement company, says Americans choose to watch the "best screen available," and TV remains the screen of choice. We're pretty sure you know why TV is great for your business. Here are a few more reasons, so you can tell your friends.... [READ MORE »]

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About Us

We're the affordable, full service TV advertising agency for the entrepreneur, small business, and start-up, bringing fresh creative ideas to your campaign. Our pedigreed team holds the secrets to your marketing success!

This unique media company was founded in 2001 by award-winning Hollywood film and television professionals whose productions have been featured on national TV programs such as Entertainment Tonight. Now we're bringing you, the small business advertiser, our Hollywood expertise.

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